Forest Products General Industrial Fans

Since 1915, Phelps Fan has been a manufacturer of quality centrifugal fans for a variety of industrial fan applications. With many decades of experience in the Forest Products industry, Phelps’ General Industrial Fans (The Model 20L, 25K, HV-1, and RV-1) have proven to be rugged and reliable equipment that is well suited for lumber and sawmill environments.

These fans come equipped with six-bladed open radial type impeller. Blades are furnished in 3/8” thick Carbon Steel. Optional AR-400 hardened steel abrasion resistant construction is also available for extreme wear applications.

The housing band on the model 20L and 25K fans come with 1/4” carbon steel construction as standard, and the HV-1 and RV-1 fans are supplied with 3/8” carbon steel housing bands. The housings capable of both clockwise, or counter-clockwise rotation, and are adjustable to several different discharge position angles.

The bearing pedestal provides rigid support for heavy duty pillow bearings, motor, and fan. Model HV-1 and RV-1 fans are supplied with motor slide rails. Model 20L and 25K fans have optional motor bases. Where larger than normal motors are required, C-channel sub-bases can be fabricated for support of both the fan pedestal and motor base.

Normally in-stock parts provide for rapid shipment of complete fans, or parts for minimum downtime.

model 25k fan with motor base, motor, drive, and guards.

25k HV1 RV1 WRM


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