Company History

L B P, L.L.C. is a family owned and operated business.  We compete nationally as a supplier of Pneumatic & Mechanical Conveying Systems, Dust Collection Systems, and Industrial Exhaust Systems.  The Joffre Long Family has been serving the wood products industry with these systems since 1968.  L B P, L.L.C. is currently owned and operated by Joffre Long, Jr. and his son, Dwayne Long.  Together, they offer more than thirty years experience in this industry.


L B P, L.L.C. employs some of the most qualified welders and fabricators in South Arkansas.  All of our welders have the best training available and take pride in the quality of their work.  We also have skilled draftsmen and the newest computer drafting programs available to assure that all of our work is accurate and precise.


We provide our customers with quality products, friendly service, and competitive prices.  We have qualified sales representatives that can answer any questions you may have and they will be glad to provide price quotations.


The company has undergone many technological changes over the years.  System design and drafting are now computerized operations.  Also, CNC cutting equipment dominates the fabrication shop.  These innovations have allowed us to compete nationally as a supplier of pneumatic conveying systems and air pollution control equipment.  These innovations have also allowed us to expand our selling market to the chemical, manufacturing, construction, and contracting industries by allowing fast, quality production of our products.


We offer complete service including system requirements consultation, design, fabrication, and installation.  All component parts including cyclones, fittings, pipe, and rotary airlocks are fabricated in our shop. Complete dust

control systems can be handled turnkey or systems can be furnished with drawings for the customer to install.


As a "state of the art" operation L B P, L.L.C. stands poised to meet the challenges of the twenty‑first century.


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